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What’s the ‘khichdi’ all about, one might ask? In a country hybridised by several civilisations and hosting the tastiest of global cuisine cultures for centuries — khichdi is pretty much the essence of everything! Urban Khichdi celebrates that very awesomeness of secular tastes and mouth-wateringly irresistible creative cuisine remixes with a simple goal to have the world taste the uncertified National Dish of India by delivering finger licking Khichdilicious Experiences every single time .

The Khichdi Warriors



About Me

A thorough critique who lives by the motto ' The Devil lies in the details', calling Meet a perfectionist would be an understatement. His ability to make connections in a heartbeat is what makes him truly resourceful or how we fondly entitle him ‘Jugaadu’. He lives by the code of excellence and consistency over quantity which is an incredible embodiment with his convention for valor in business. A true-blue gentleman and a man of his words, this Sindhi lad could scour through the ends of the earth to get things done. He does not only know what the consumer wants but is actually one of them, which makes his verdict ‘Janta Ki Awaaz’ for the rest of the team.

A social butterfly, who possesses the IQ of a whiz kid (he doesn’t even need a calculator), makes him proficient at management. Everybody loves him and literally everybody knows him. Yes, he has that many friends and all of them are ‘good friends’. He believes in giving back to society as much as you can, whenever you can. His soul is fuelled by music- which is a crucial part of his morning routine as well as his lullaby.This reflects in his immaculate choice of music for his restaurants, driving his guests into a state of gastronomical trance. A true hippie at heart, he 'lives and let's live'.

About Me

A ferocious listener, keen observer and smart mover, is what makes him a formidable entrepreneur. Trained at the Oberoi Centre for Learning & Development; he went on to work with international brands in hotel industry such as IHG & Mariott before moving on to start up his brand ‘Urban Khichdi’. His love for food is evident from his silhouette and his panache for fusion food from his cooking, which he does oh so often. He believes in minimalism as it leads to efficiency. Almost every day he would end up wearing a black t-shirt with blue denim, which is a staple in his wardrobe, this tradition is a petite instance of his time management. He precisely knows how to cater to the masses as well as the classes, and can preserve just the right balance by bringing about the best of both worlds. He has the memory like that of an elephant which makes a stunning permutation with his attention to detail. Reticent and introvert but wouldn’t stop articulating with delight if the tête-à-tête is regarding business, dogs, Sherlock, adventure or movies (horror). Affable with one and all, yet has a particularly small circle of confidants.

His philanthropy is not limited to human beings; he’d always carry a pack of biscuits, just in case he finds someone in need of it. Fancies a cold dark brew of coffee and sips his tea at room temperature. He secretly fantasises of wandering off into the valley of Ladakh to count the stars and probably never return.




We seek to produce nutritious, affordable, simple, yet exhilarating meals for everybody, whilst escalating our prospects across the globe. Urban Khichdi brands are built under one simple decree – Bunk the Junk.

We yearn to fetch an assortment of cuisines and recipes that shall forever be nostalgic, wholesome as well as healthy for daily consumption.


With a strong belief in the mantra ‘Back to the Basics, is the way ahead’, Urban Khichdi brands persistently endures to explore an assortment of delectable recipes, using the absolute basic ingredients and strives to offer a healthy, nutritious meal on the table.

We aspire to bring back the long lost traditional recipes with a hint of our touch in this ever evolving era.